Already a trend 10 years ago, to keep its cosmetics and perfumes cool is today becoming a real societal behaviour.
According to a recent study, over 22 millions women in Europe use their fridges to store their creams, serums, makeups and perfumes.

It’s a proven fact! Keeping your beauty products and perfumes in a cool place make them much more pleasant to use and provide an immediate fresh feeling, their storage is highly enhanced and the effectiveness of their active principles are improved.

So yes, you must keep your products in a cool place, and especially the most precious ones, the complex formulas based on natural ingredients and the organics products but be careful: cool does not mean cold!

The average temperature of your fridge is 5Cº, it’s a far too cold storage place, which has, moreover, a serious lack of elegance and glamour! 
Your precious creams, lipsticks, serums, nail polishes, perfumes,… deserve much better that sharing some space in the family fridge. Not to mention it’s not practical at all to go from your bathroom or bedroom to the kitchen to get your products. 

Celcius has been designed to showcase your moments of care and beauty, it keeps your products at the perfect temperature which is at around 11Cº to 15Cº.
Real feeling of invigorating freshness, Celcius control bacterial growth in a remarkable way and strongly slows down the disappearance of active molecules and natural essences.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of main products that will find a perfect place into your Celcius, ideally placed in your bathroom or your bedroom, and the advantages of its “chill” use: