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"50 Celcius - 50 Exceptional Hotel Suites"


This operation is organized by the company AMºCELCIUS sarl, owner of the Celcius trademark and its patents. This operation is conducted in partnership with the company “Happy Few Communication – The Luxury Hospitality Agency” (HFC in the text) based in Brussels and expert in luxury hospitality communication.

HFC has identified 100 hotels located in 15 countries (29 cities) and their master-suites as “exceptional luxury”.
This selection was based on the following criteria:
– the reputation of the hotel and its “top-suite”
– the rates of the master suite
– the local historical and cultural involvement of the hotel
– the location of the hotel
– professional awards (design – travel – guest report)
– the strength of the local and international positioning of the hotel

Out of these 100 ultra-luxury properties, 50 will have the possibility to receive exclusively one Celcius exemplary free of charge.
According to the hotel’s interior design and upon stock availability, the hotel can choose one Celcius black (“Black Piano” version) or one Celcius white (“Gloss Ivory White” version).
The distribution of the 50 Celcius worldwide will be divided as the following: Europe: 16 Celcius / Asia: 18 Celcius / Middle East: 10 Celcius / USA: 6 Celcius.

Each Celcius exemplary will be delivered and installed on the main suites selected by the hotel partner.

Each Celcius exemplary will remain at all times during this operation the property of AMºCELCIUS sarl, except in special cases (see “Your guest wishes to acquire the Celcius” below).

Contact for additional information :
AMºCELCIUS : Alexandre Michel – – Mob. +33 645 205 890
HFC : Christian Locqueneux – – Mob. +34 678 134 083

This operation does not involve any purchase obligation to the 50 hotels partner.
Each hotel undertakes:
– to expose the Celcius in one of their main suite or in another suite of their choice, during all the duration of this provision.
– to make a photo of the Celcius exposed in the suite and to send it to HFC.
– to answer the “Celcius Guest Experience” studies sent by HFC every 2 months (6 questions in a MCQ). This study will only be used by AMºCELCIUS “Guest Quality Dpt.” internally and will not be published or transmitted to third parties.

HFC and AMºCELCIUS commit itself individually:
– to answer any question to the hotel partner within 24 hours and to assist him in a transparent and professional way.
– to keep confidential any information that the hotel partner could communicate as part of this operation.
– to undertake all costs of the delivery of the Celcius to the hotel partner (see “Costs of the operation” below).

AMºCELCIUS sarl offers one Celcius exemplary for a period of 6 month to each hotel partner.
This period may be modified and renewed for a period of time with an agreement between the both parties.
Whatever the duration this provision remains totally free of charge to each partner hotel.

AMºCELCIUS warrants its Celcius products against defects in materials, workmanship and malfunctions for a period of 2 years after the delivery.

During the second half of 2017, we conducted a full-scale test in 13 hotels partners with HFC and who followed the Celcius development.
These 13 hotels were located in France, Switzerland, Abu-Dhabi, Dubai and Hong-Kong.
These tests have shown that not only that the Celcius provokes great enthusiasm from the Guest users, but for many cases (9 requests) generates a purchase request.
Two of these purchases, the Guest requested to take the Celcius in his luggages during his checkout.

1. In the case of your Guest wishes to acquire the exposed Celcius, the hotel partner has the possibility to sell this Celcius to its Guest. The amount of this sale is based on the retail price: 5600 euros including tax.
After sale, a new Celcius exemplary will be replaced and delivered to the hotel partner. The charges of the “B2B – Luxury Hospitality” of 3900 euros will be billed directly to the hotel partner.
The delivery costs will be free of charges and managed by AMºCELCIUS.

2. If the Guest wishes to receive a Celcius delivered to a specific address, the logistics department of AMºCELCIUS will organize it with agreement with the hotel partner.
A personalized message can be sent with the Celcius to its Guest if the hotel partner request it.
The cost of this delivery is borne to the Guest and will be invoiced.

– Your Celcius is stolen.
> A case-by-case procedure will be initiated by HFC with the hotel partner, a declaration of theft will have to be prepared and sent to HFC, if necessary, the Celcius will be replaced.
– Your Celcius falls which can make it defective and / or damaged and in any case unusable and / or not presentable to your Guests.
> HFC will organize with the hotel partner the repatriation of the Celcius and proceed to its replacement. This replacement will depend on stock availability.
– Your Celcius no longer works (very unlikely given the quality control procedures performed and the quality of the components of each Celcius)
> HFC will organize with the hotel partner the repatriation of the defective Celcius and proceed to its replacement. This replacement will depend on stock availability.

AMºCELCIUS undertakes to assume all costs related to the delivery and possible repatriation of each Celcius in the context of this operation.
Cost details supported by AMºCELCIUS:
– delivery costs from Celcius workshops to the address of the hotel partner (INCOTERM: DAP)
– customs clearance fees, taxes and other costs related to local regulations regarding the importation of goods from each hotel partner
– return costs in the case of a faulty Celcius, found damaged or defective during the delivery or during the period of availability
– cost of delivery of a replacement Celcius

Throughout the duration of the provision of your Celcius, the technical department Celcius will remain at your disposal to assist you in regards of the operation of Celcius.
This assistance is available every day from 9am to 6pm by phone at +33 183 777 533 or by email: